Thursday, July 24, 2008

West Jefferson - Right Before Parkwest...

Here are a couple more pictures I took on my way out of town this past weekend.

I was glad to run across my old friend, Westwood Lanes.

I'm pretty sure that this is where (a Ford Dealership) my husband purchased his 1987 grey Ford Escort.

It's disappointing to see how rundown the place is. Notice the cracks in the parking lot with the numerous amounts of weeds growing in between.

More of the same sigh.

Since this area is close to the Swinney Park area, one would think that folks would want to keep it up - looking decent.

Right now, it looks like a giant eyesore.

I wonder how long it's been empty???


boileraae said...

It was sometime last fall when the Ford dealer moved to a new location on Illinois Road. It's amazing how fast things can deteriorate! (Although, I'd say that property was an eyesore even before they moved......) Yeah, you'd think something would be done with the property, if the city weren't in such a tax bind, it would make sense to purchase it and make Swinney Park a little bigger.

Scott Spaulding said...

There was some talk a while ago about turning it into soccer fields and/or some wetlands, I believe.

Anonymous said...

The dealership on the right is history... it's undecided what will be done with that lot... the commercial trucks dealership on the other hand... Boy you should see it! It's called Sweet Cars... they really fixed up the place! It looks great... or should I say sweet!