Friday, July 4, 2008

Mechanics Laundry Building - Corner of Lafayette & Dalman Streets

From the files of, "I knew I wasn't crazy".

When my mom used to drop us off at Stinson's Day Nursery, I always knew when we were getting close. I'd see the gigantic Mechanic's Laundry Building, we'd turn left - and boom - we were at nursery school.

SO - the building looks to be in pretty good shape. You see that flag pole? They used to have a big ole American Flag flying from the top. It caught some of the best wind in the city - always flappin' and flyin'.

The back could use some work. But other than that - it looks ready to go. Just needs a tenant...


Colleen said...

They just redid the front. It used to be a lock and safe place.