Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Historical Pictures are WAY COOL!

I'm willing to bet that I've spent more time on the Allen County Public Library's CONTENTdm site than 99% of folks who even know of its existence.

I love this site. Like love. Like would ponder giving up Butterfinger's for a day for this site.

It's so cool to find pictures of people, places and things that you either forgot - or maybe remembered - but no one else could corroborate ;).

ANYWAY - I found a couple of pictures that I wanted to share with you. They aren't just any ordinary pictures. Only I - KFH - would be curious enough to go hunt these pups down (this - I am convinced!!).

Picture #1 - Remember the Fred Astaire Dance Studio? And Indiana Bank?

Hah! There they are! Proof that they existed - and both - downtown. Just as I remembered them.

The picture I pulled this from can be found here

West Washington Blvd at South Harrison Street. Date 04/26/1979.

I love cropping tools!

Picture #2/3 - Cat's Meow and More!

Sure, you remember the Cat's Meow - c'mon - that is a piece of Fort Wayne history.

There are STORIES - tons of stories to be told about this place. I know someone out there is dying to share...

But - do you remember Louie's Chop Suey?! And look at that Stoner's sign!

You can find the original picture that I pulled these two images from here

708 South Harrison Street and West Main Street. Date 01/04/1974.

Picture #4/#5 - On the surface, the picture is a view of Harrison Street, looking North and specifically - the Shell station is within view. That's cool, right? Oh boy - it doesn't stop there. Lookie what else I found!


Where the Hamburgers are 5 Cents! Boy, that place hasn't changed much (except for the price).

Anyway - throughout the week - I'll be posting my many finds.

Thanks for humoring me - and who knows - maybe I'll find one of those gems that you thought was only in your imagination...


Colleen said...

I bow in the face of your ubergeekiness......

Scott Spaulding said...

Great finds.

WYA! said...

We can't thank you enough for posting the Cat's Meow sign. Mrs. WYA! vaguely seemed to remember a nightclub with cat silhouettes all around it but had begun to think that she imagined it. THANKS!

Beth said...

Ah, the memories. But what about:

The Hobby House restaurant
The Gerber Haus (I learned to swim in the Gerber Haus pool)
The Sands

and last but certainly not least, The Jack and Jill Amusement park!

These places are crying out for your special touch.

Kristina said...

Tell Mrs. WYA that I am at her beck and call (to find other things that could be just a figment of her imagination).

Kristina said...


I am on the HUNT for your Jack and Jill. Believe me - I've been in consultation with other bloggers, my family, my husband's family - the Pope may be next ;).

Re: The Hobby House - oh baby - that is tomorrow's picture! I had already located that sign last week but did not post it yet. I'll go look for Gerber Haus. And of course - any other request you have.

Your historical pictorial friend,

Kristina said...

Thank you Colleen and Scott.

daron said...

ohhh, I also learned to swim in the Gerber Haus pool. Scary place.

Find a photo of Northcrest Bowling Alley and then i will be impressed!


Bobby G. said...

I can't tell you how much I love the pictures you manage to find.
A SHELL station...that was a "for real" SERVICE station with squads of men in uniforms and hats who checked the oil, the air, cleaned your windshield and even pumped YOUR GAS!

And that's when gas was WAY under $1 buck!


WYA! said...

OK Kristina, you so kindly said that I could send requests so here goes. My Mom talks about the Whirling Disc that was downtown on Calhoun (she can't remember the cross street) around 1961-ish. Any pics of that? Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a neat sight !Ive tried for years to find anything on the Cat's Meow-In the late 60's early 70's i was lead dancer at the Cat's -working with Little Richard, Tina Turner,Fat's Domino to name a few.The Kleinrichards owned it 4 brothers,Jim-Don-Ken-Jerry.Wonder what happened to them ?The dance floor lite up all colors and the dancer walks were Cat Tails,You couldnt get in at the time without a jacket and tie.Love also to see pictures of Northcrest lanes .Scott's bowling alley, that was my Uncle Everett Scott who played for the New York Yankee's sorry so long !Vicki Shepherd (Warsaw Indiana)

Anonymous said...

Why no post for 3 months?

Bill_css said...

I absolutely remember Louie's Chop Suey, and was thrilled to see this photo!

I remember my father and I would go down there, this would have been early 60's for carry-out that we called in beforehand. It was definitely a little hole-in-the-wall place that always left me wondering how my dad knew about it! As I remember it, it really fit the stereotype. It had red leatherette booths and the walls were a pale green, and there was a huge (for a child) golden Buddah in the front. Louie's wife ran the cash register. It seems to me that their daughter went to college on the west coast and became a marine biologist. The food was, of course, excellent.

What I had forgotten about until seeing the photo was that Stoner's Magic was right next door. I believe Stoner did magic on local television, probably Saturday morning?