Monday, March 24, 2008

Mr. Yuk! Fer Real

Alright. I can't help myself. YouTube can be somewhat addictive and here's some more proof of that.

Back story:

Every year in elementary school, we always had a handful of 'guests' come out and visit us for some unique purpose. One group who visited us (was it EMS? was it a group from one of the three hospitals?) went over the importance of staying away from harmful, household-related items.

Remember Mr. Yuk? Goodness. How could you forget him?

He was the poster child for all things POISONous in your household. When this group came to visit, they'd bring along the movie (8 mm film in the canister), along with lots of warnings and merchandise (in the form of green, ugly Mr. Yuk stickers) to boot.

My sister and I would race home that day and label as many things Mr. Yuk as possible. This included foods that we didn't like to eat too.

Our parents really hated those stickers.


Kevin Whaley said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I remember plastering these stickers all over the house.

Kirkwood Park Neighborhood Association said...

Did Mike the Talking Bike ever come visit your school?