Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Building on Wells Street

As I was going through some of the photos I snapped from May, I remembered that I hadn't asked anyone about this building.

If you're going North on Wells, it is on the left hand side, right before you get to Jack and Johnny's.

I pulled two pictures from ACPL CONTENTdm (cropped 'em) and they're below.

The woodworking above the windows - frickin' awesome. And it's still there. I really, really hope that this isn't a building on the demolition list. Please tell me that something positive and uplifting is happening with this building :).


Anonymous said...

During the TRF fireworks this past summer, my wife and I escaped the chaos by driving down Wells street to get home (yeah, the two lane road will obviously be the least busy). As we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, I noticed that this building had something going on. Some of the side windows and doors were open and there were people inside. From what I could tell the place looked empty, but perhaps in the process of being remodeled. From what I could see in my limited sightline, I believe I spotted some coolers, lawn chairs and causal clothes. I do believe the owners used the place as a prime firework viewing perch. It made me happy because I at least know someone was there and cared about the place. Now I think about it every time I go past it on my way to work.

Love the blog by the way. You have a great site here


Anonymous said...

I am 54 yrs old and have lived in the Fort all my life. I now live in the Bloomimgdale area just a few blocks from Wells St. I grew up in the Franke Park area just a couple of blocks from Wells St. I thiink its great what you are doing but boy.. does it make me feel old lol. You should also check out a a furniture store called Wayne Furniture & a store called Old Reliable that use to be on north Wells. Wayne was where Toyota car lot is and Old Reliable was where the west side of Glenbrook Commons is. Its amazing what you can find out there. Thanks for the memories!