Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remembering Mike, The Talking Bike

Thanks to Beth for reminding me of this little diddy.

Beth, yes - I do remember Mike, the Talking Bike. A quick search on google yielded some good memories.

Personally, I could never look at my light green, banana-seated, floral-basket hangin' Schwinn bicycle the same way again.

I wanted to know - HOW COULD I GET ONE OF THESE?!

BTW - If someone from the Fort Wayne Police Department has pictures or more info on what happened to our "Mikes" (the good Schwinns who visited us within the walls of FWCS in the early 70's) - at least a handful of us would like to know :).

This ought to scare the bee-jeebers out of some of you - Windows Media File for Mike The Talking Bike


daron aldrich said...

Mike the Talking Bike came to the safety patrol end of year program at Holiday Theatre.


Phil Marx said...


I didn't know how to add pictures to a comment here on your blog, so I put a post for you on my blog.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I happened to see Mike the talking Bike in the Fort Wayne museum on East Berry