Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Downtown Spots from CONTENTdm

Azar's Downtown?

Really?! Yes kiddies, there used to be an Azar's downtown.

Can you tell - in this limited cropped photo - where it used to be?!


And peaking out above this building - could this be...yes - could this REALLY be - Mike's Car Wash?!


Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....The Hobby House Restaurant


Yep - there used to be a ton of gas stations downtown.


Can you guess what the building is in this last picture?! The PTC bus (love the Spring green color!) is sitting right next to it, getting ready to do a major pick up and drop off in the downtown area...


Colleen said...

OK missy. Find Mrs. Cooper's restaurant. On Washington, I believe, in the St. Joe Hospital area. these have eagle eyes!

Chris said...

Here is my analysis on the last picture. It is looking West on Berry just east of Calhoun (the street with the bus). What looks like a restaurant is where the FW National Bank building is now (or National City if you prefer). The FW bank buiding was built in the early 70's and by the look of the cars on the street this must have been taken just before it was built.

I believe that the building behind the restaurant is the Van Orman Hotel, also known as the Anthony. As for the identity of the building in the picture, that was a couple of years before what I can remember.

The Cooper Restaurant was on the corner of Washington and Broadway where St. Joe now has a parking lot. Keep them coming!