Sunday, July 20, 2008

Martha A. and Leon E. Emmert

So I'm in Fort Wayne today. I'm off to the First Baptist Church on Fairfield Avenue. You see those folks over here? Martha and Leon are phenomenal people. I'm also lucky enough to be related to them.

Leon was cousins with my Grandpa - Wayne Roy. They were the best of friends. Their bond was very strong and one that rolled into future generations.

There were times - in between their missionary work (40 years of it) - they would come and stay at my house on Cedar Crest Circle.

Martha was always so warm and friendly. Leon was just like my Grandpa.

I'm excited to be able to see them again. It's been about (thinks) 20 years. Maybe more. In a few hours, Leon will be officiating at the wedding of his grandson, Todd Emmert as he marries his bride - Angie Fisher.

As my mother reminded me yesterday - he is the last of the Roy family. His mother - Vida and Grandpa's dad - Walter - were sister and brother. They grew up on a farm in LaGrange, Indiana and when they were young teenagers, their parents were killed in a fire. Vida took on the responsibility to continue with the farm and she raised her little brother - Walter too.

Vida when on to marry Leon's father -

Walter (after being widowed from Rosina Breer), married my great-grandmother - Helena Starost.

And that's the back story (at least some of it), of the Roy clan.