Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Captain Kangaroo - Good Morning Captain!

When: Weekday Mornings - 7 or 8 a.m. (changed with the seasons)
What: Captain Kangaroo
Where: CBS (WANE TV, Channel 15)

I have never been a morning person. One show I wouldn't mind waking up for though, was Captain Kangaroo.

I loved Mr. Green Jeans...I love when Mr. Moose would tell a knock knock joke and the punch line would lead to ping pong balls falling on top of the captain. I loved my dancing bear, I loved the town clown.


I loved this opening which ran in the late 60's and early 70's (it never failed to amuse me).

When they 'sexied' up the intro song, I was even okay with that.

Mr. Moose & a knock knock joke

This is a clip with Mr. Green Jeans - from 1978 - but hey - what would a posting about Captain Kangaroo be without a glimpse of Mr. Green Jeans?

The Dancing Bear!!!

Remember the Town Clown?


Beth said...

Crabby Appleton -- rotten to the core!

Bobby G. said...

No one mentioned Mr Bunny Rabbit...and how he somehow "knew" that the good Captain ALWAYS seemed to have carrots in his pockets (and was tricked out of them)..!
And what about Grandfather Clock...who often dozed off in mid-thought (and sentence).

I remember when Bob Keeshan was young enough to have to be MADE to look older...and when he carried ALL THOSE KEYS on that key ring (which mysteriously shut off the background theme music when he hung them up.
Then he lifted the keys off the hook...and the music started back up...funny stuff.

Boy, does THAT take me back...now for some SKY KING, LONE RANGER, and RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE (on DVD)!