Monday, August 4, 2008

Creepy Scary Man

Who remembers the Creepy Scary Man who was trapped in the glass case at 3201 Brooklyn Avenue?

I've been looking for a picture of him for years....YEARS I tell you and this telephone book advertisement is the closest I can come to finding him.

I'm tellin' you - he was way more scary than he looks here.

The first time I saw him, I wondered - was he real? Was he pretend?

And how in the world did they get him (real or otherwise) in there?

It was like magic. Or maybe he was buried alive in a mummified way - but without mummy wraps.

You can tell...I had quite an imagination.

I'm sure creepy scary man is gone.

I wonder what happened to creepy scary man and his glass case?


Corey said...

There is another "creepy scary man" in downtown Muncie. He was still there a couple of years ago anyhow. Here is a link to a poor photo of the guy.

Colleen said...

I remember there being a flag in the case. The building is now Cintas, and the case is gone.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at this place,,, checking the pockets for rips, missing buttons, sometimes on a good day we would find a dollar or two and yes we got to keep it,,,