Monday, February 4, 2008

Fort Wayne Television In the 70's - PBS Was Zoomin' My Screen

In Fort Wayne during the 70's, we had three channels - ABC, CBS, NBC and sometimes, depending on the antenna on the television, which way the wind was blowing, and what other major appliances were running, we could get in channel 39 (PBS).

As a side note...I tell my thirteen year old that he just doesn't know how lucky he is. I've told him that while growing up in FortWayne, we had a television that was on the small side (maybe 19 inches?) and when we were able to purchase one of those console jobbies where the picture was color instead of black and white! Jackpot baby!

So back to PBS...while it is known for shows like Sesame Street, the coolest thing (or one of the coolest things to rock the face of my pre-pubescent earth) was ZOOM.

I loved lots of things about ZOOM and at the top of this list - well - it's all about Bernadette.

Take a look - remember her????


Beth said...

Yes, I totally remember that -- and could never master that darned arm swing.