Wednesday, June 11, 2008

19 & Addicted to Return of the Jedi

The year was 1986.

I was attending IPFW.
I was studying (and I use this term lightly) music.
I was young.
I was restless.
But I did not watch soap operas.

Instead, a fellow music major by the name of Andy Simmons - well he and I became friends.

And because he was ADHD challenged (like myself), we would often find excuses to skip out of our classes (me: Dr. Ator's) (him: still a mystery to me today).

Where would we go?

Glenbrook Mall of course.

What would we do?

We'd hit the arcade.

Although I was well-versed in the "usual" games (thanks to Gary and David), the stuff at Glenbrook - the recent batch they got in - was a little more intimidating to me.

Have no fear - Andy (or Squiggy as I called him) taught me the finer points of playing some of these new-fangled games. And one of those games was Return of the Jedi.

Confession: I've never seen Star Wars. Ever. Any of it. I've seen some movie stills. Maybe I've passed a poster. That's it.

Note: This is a sore point between my husband and I as in his view, I have not yet experienced true movie-going if I haven't seen Star Wars. People have often wondered if Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other such media nonsense would end up driving us to divorce court. I'm happy to report - not yet.

So back to the game - Return of the Jedi. I used to stand to the side and watch Andy play it. I was charmed by the hoo-cha's! (that's so cute!) and yub-yub.

Other adorable phrases
Wonderful, we are now a part of the (?)
I have a really bad feeling about this....
We've got to give him more time!
Oh man oh buddy don't let me down!
The shield is down
muffled talk
Here goes nothing!
It should be the power generator
Go for the power regulator on the north tower!

Here was the action going on
Look out for the trees! Ridin' a motorcycle is tricky.
Cool! A robot shooting at the logs and stones randomnly falling past you.
Don't run into the iron walls.
The fire is chasing me!

Let's face it. This game was Tron on steroids and buddy - I loved it.


daron said...

Known you for 22 did I not know you have not seen Star Wars? could you not have seen Star Wars? That is just wrong...on so many levels.


Colleen said...

Me neither. Also something my husband finds....odd. After all, he spent a gazillion years reviewing movies on the radio--the idea that his wife hasn't seen one of the top grossing movies of all time is something he has trouble wrapping his brain around!