Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Pink Plastic Turtle On The Playground

If your wondering where this is located - wonder no more. If you go over to Indian Village Elementary School, head towards the playground - that's where you'll find the Pink Plastic Turtle.

Okay - clarification. He may not be totally pink - more "melon-ish". And how do I know that he is a "he"? I don't (necessarily). Just from the first moment that I played on him, I made the decision that he was a "he".

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you, when visiting my prior elementary school, this was one of my favorite surprises to see. I had absolutely no idea that he would still be there. But there he was - in one piece - in all his glory

Me: Oh my gosh! The Turtle! (I practically ran over to him)

Mrs. Ross: You remember the turtle?

Me: (Giggling like I was seven). Of course I remember him! We used to ride on top like he was a horse. Sometimes we would crawl underneath too. It doesn't look like its being played with. (I pointed to the nice, neat wood chips around me).

Mrs. Ross: It used to be on the Kindergarten playground so when they moved that area around, this was moved to more of the outskirts of the current playground.

Me: I remember the dips and crevices of his shell (now sitting on the turtle and touching the dips and crevices). If we were lucky, water could collect here (I pointed to the dips in his shell). And then we would do things like splash our hands in them and see how much water we could displace.

I know - I know - we were "unique" children ;).

Here I was - a grown woman - practically hugging the Pink Plastic Turtle on the playground.

Let me rephrase that.

My Pink Plastic Turtle on The Playground.


sleeper54 said...

Fun picture. Fun post. Fun memories.


sinkuenta said...

The objects remain... so as to show us that it is us who rush along life... these references make us feel the texture of time. Sinkuenta

ida said...

there were a family of 3 turtles outside ls ayers in glenbrook mall. i used to run up to those guys and climb up on their backs. sigh. fun times. i miss them too.