Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh boy - anybody freaked out by the title of my blog entry today?!

I bet that most of you forgot about those three little letters S.R.A.

For those of you kids who are oblivious to the acronymn - S.R.A. = Science Research Associates.

In the elementary years of FWCS in the 70's, this was apparently one of the successful methods to reinforce and/or test on concepts that were taught in the classroom.

Yep - kind of like our own version of the ISTEP.

Do you all remember the special desk cubbies that were in the library? They were hooked up with "audio" which consisted of some SRA exercise, big ole headphones (kinda like these) and a book which looked like this.

They would play the SRA exercise on some tape player and the sophisticated audio system would beam it out to the 4-6 of us who would be sitting in these cubby desks, listening intently to every word of the speaker. Then, we would have to answer questions or write something down in our little SRA books about the listening exercise.


Bronxstar said...

Great Memory..use to rush to get through the color as a badge of honor...thanks