Sunday, August 24, 2008

More "Signs" From Fort Wayne's Past

See if you can recognize any of these famous signs which I plucked out of the middle of pictures from the ACPL CONTENTdm library.

Did your folks ever buy any appliances from Stucky's?

And what about the First Federal Bank sign?
Do you remember where it was?
Did you know that Sears & Roebuck used to be downtown - right next to Fort Wayne National Bank...until they moved to their location on Rudisill?
Do you remember walking down the street, past the gold/bronzed presence of the Indiana and Michigan Electric Company?
And while you were downtown shopping, did you stop in at El Chicano for some lunch? It was a great start before you headed a little further down the street to the ice cream shop.


ida said...

i love ls ayers downtown. looking at the christmas decorations in the window. then going upstairs and eating breakfast with santa. then murphys my dad would illegally park and run in the store. get a couple scoops of candy then come back out. we would eat our candy and not tell mom about it.