Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing Up On Cedar Crest Circle - The Kids

Like my map?

This is my childhood neighborhood. I randomly went through and put the names of the families and approximated where they lived. I know I missed some. I asked my buddy Carl ahem to validate things but he must be too busy - off being the neighborhood association President or something ;).

I showed this to my sister. She was pretty amazed that I remembered all of these people. We argued over the spelling of the "Manter's". She thought it was "Manners". I was right. She was wrong. Insert smart aleck remark here: I am so much smarter than my sister - nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Is it obvious yet that I had a great love for the neighborhood that I grew up in? I was only here for seven years of my life yet those seven years were extremely important. It's where I learned a lot about human behavior.

I learned how to play with others.

I learned that taking risks sometimes meant reward and sometimes equaled negative consequences.

I learned how to negotiate, how to stand up for myself, and what it meant to stand behind friends (and my sister too).

I learned that death happens. And more frequently than it should. This includes people, pets, and plants.

I learned that hard work = some positive payoff...whether that was an allowance (25 cents - thank you very much), a good grade, or an extra privilege.

I learned where the boundaries were with friends, their parents, and my own parents. I came to understand what was socially acceptable and what was better left unsaid.

I learned that a good imagination was better than a million barbie dolls (and associated accessories).

I learned that boys were cute, smelly, annoying, and a must-have at certain times of your life.

I learned that sometimes, no matter what you look like, people will always make fun of you.

I learned that adults were just as vulnerable as kids - they were older, a bit wiser, but really didn't have stuff all figured out.

Other stuff too I learned - but for now, that's a good enough list.

So back to the kids of my neighborhood....

It's amazing that thirty-some years later, I can still remember almost all of the families in my neighborhood but ask me what happened five years ago, or even two days ago, and that takes a lot of effort...

Here's who they are - I swear - if any of them are reading this and I have butchered their names or called them 'suzie' when they were really 'tommie', I will feel mortified (so apologies ahead of time - and please correct me).

Manter - David, Tricia, Holly, Lisa

Davis - Debbie, Denita, Shawn

Asher - Steven, Dennis

Boice - Carl Jr., Kathy, Jackie, Kurt, Steve

Beckstedt - Philip, Mark, Joe

Kump - Lorrianne, Cindy

Brouse - Delores

VanPelt - Brad

Stech - Errol, Kenny

Crane - Floyd, Robbie

Grimes - Kevin, Mark, Michelle

Debit - Monica, Michelle

Wooden - Brian, Colleen

Couch - Erika, Aaron

Bobilya - Shonee, Stacy

Rice - Brian, Greg

Vachon - Dave

Swanigan - Rhonda, Rene, Faron

Smith - Janice

Marshall - Tom


Carl H. said...

Hey there K! I have been away on vacation AND busy. Crazy how that works out, huh?!

Anyway, I only knew some of the names from your 'hood, and at that, only the boys. But your picture seems quite accurate.

I never realized the Swangins' lived in Cedar Crest, I thought they always lived on Freeman by Taylor street.

Well until later, BE GOOD!

Elle Bee said...

I grew up in Elkhart and I attended college at Manchester, so I've spent a lot of time at the Fort. :)