Thursday, April 3, 2008

Designer/Project Architect of Southtown Mall Needs Your Help

Hello Everyone,

If you could get the word out, I'd appreciate it. I have already sent to him, the pictures online from the library.

IMPORTANT: He is looking for pictures of happier times - not those that show the place, right before demolition (which is all that I seem to be able to find myself online).



I was the designer and project architect for Southtown Mall while I was working for Daverman Assoc. in Grand Rapids, MI in the 1960's. The developer was Melvin Simon & Assoc. I had the unhappy experience of stopping by the Mall in September 2001 and seeing it pretty much abandoned. If you have any photos of the mall, especially the center court or the exterior please email them to me.

Robert Amor


Here's his web site:
And his email address: architect-amor AT


Adrian Fisher said...

I thought you might like to look at this blog post. I have lived in Fort Wayne almost all of my life, but my whole life hasn't been that long, so I don't remember most of these.