Monday, September 1, 2008

Movies - Inside and Outside - 1976

I believe this is from the July 1976 newspaper. I pulled it out for all of you old folks who remember that Fort Wayne used to have multiple movie theaters that weren't located just in two places (i.e. Jefferson Pointe and Pine Valley).

Theaters listed:
Holiday 1 & 2
Rialto (yeah baby!)
Fort Wayne/Bluffton Road Drive-In
Hillcrest Drive-In
Lincolndale Drive-In
East 30 Drive-In

As my husband commented, the movies playing at the Hillcrest Drive-In were nothing but a bunch of T&A.

I, of course, remember my parents dragging us to stuff like this (in our great ole big green van which had curtains separating the front seats from the back area). When the tits came flying out, usually the curtains were closed and we were expected to be "sleeping".

Uh huh. Right. We were sleeping.

And don't forget to notice the ads for the Moonraker, the Wharf, and Hacienda.


Anonymous said...

Great site. I remember ALL of these drive ins! I can place the location of all but one--I remember going to the Fort Wayne Drive In, but can't place where it was located on Bluffton Road. Any ideas?
The Hillcrest by this time did not have the best films apparently---But when I was a kid they had the Best swing sets!
Do you remember where the Ft Wayne Drive In was?

John Beckman said...

the Fort Wayne drive-in was on Bluffton Rd, There is a Bank building and Long John Silvers there now, The address was abut 6200 Bluffton Rd, kids would sit on tombstones in Prairie Grove cemetery and watch movies, There was an A and W root beer stand across rd, We went to the theater till the 70 s,