Friday, May 23, 2008

Quiz Time

I'm in the mood to validate - well - the fact that me and my memory aren't CRAZY or HALLUCINATING. Please - jump in here if you know the answer.

* What was the name of the carwash that was located towards the entrance of either Southtown Mall and/or KMart on the South side (1970's)? And nope - not a Mike's carwash either.

* What was the name of the community pool that was located in the Indian Village area?

* What was the name of the drive-in (and I keep on thinking - root beer stand) that was located near downtown (I keep on thinking Spy Run because it was a one way going downtown - I always thought of the road as a racetrack when I was a kid).

* What was the name of some place - maybe a recycling place? that seemed to be near downtown where we would sometimes go to hunt for steel beer cans (as opposed to the "aluminium" ones? I almost thought it was a junkyard of sorts...but who knows (except that I do remember pulling out some awesome beer cans for my collection).

* What were the names of the camps that we used to go to as Girl Scouts? Camp McMillen? Where was that located? Camp Logan? Where was that located?


Greg said...

I think that the "junk yard" north of downtown is the old Omnisource scrap metal facility. It is currently vacant, but hopefully, it will be redeveloped in the near future. The website has additional information about potential redevelopment options.

joe said...


john brown said...

On Goshen Road was the Lincolndale Drive-in.

john brown said...

A&W root beer stand also on Goshen

Chris Crawford said...

The pool in Indian Village is Pocahontas Pool and was not a public pool, it was for Indian Village residents only.

Jennifer Griggs said...

The Girl Scout Camps--There are two big ones near Ft. Wayne. One is Camp Ella J. Logan, near Syracuse. ( My sister worked there one summer. I wasn't ever able to go to that one.

I did go to and eventually work as a counselor at the other one, Camp McMillan ( That one has undergone tremendous changes with a big influx of money in the past decade or so. It's right by Camp Red Cedar and the Izaac Walton League in the Northern part of the county.

Carl H. said...

Ahh, the fading memory(ies). The car wash in Kmarts lot was ...Robo...wash your car at Robo. Anyone else remember the commercial??

When you say you mean the one on Bluffton road? When I was a kid (1970's) it was the Waynedale Drive In. And down the street about a block or so was the A&A Rootbeer Stand - It was in the parking lot of Hook's Drug store.

My firends mom bought it in 1982 and we would go over there and help out and would get paid with a rootbeer float and footlong hotdog.

I agree with Greg that the junkyard by the 'racetrack' you remember was the old Omnisource. Right now that location is being considered for a hotel/indoor waterpark.

That is all for now....Carl

Anonymous said...

As already mentioned, it was a RoboWash that was located at the north end of the parking lot of the Kmart at Hwy 27 South. It seemed like it was only open for a year or so and then the shell of the building sat there abandoned for probably 15 or 20 years. Remnants of it were still visible until fairly recently. As I recall, it was all automated but didn't have any brushes that contacted the cars, only nozzles that sprayed soap and water. It didn't do a very good job, more like a "pre-wash" before you went to an actual carwash or just did it yourself at home.

Now about that drive-in restaurant just north of downtown. Are you thinking of the place on Clinton St. just across fron the old City Utilities building? That was called either the Blue Moo or the Blue Moon Drive-In. I think some of it may still exist though for a lot of years now the property is home to a used truck dealer who seems to specialize in fleets of white work vans. My older brother and his friends used to frequent the old Blue Moo, or Moon, years ago as well as probably the old Gardner's Drive-In downtown.

Pete said...

Penguin Point, anybody??

Carl Foust said...

Carl Foust
The A&W root beer stand was just south of forth st bridge, on South Clinton, next to Spot Home furiture store, across street from Kunkle valve. Worked ther will in high school.