Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm On A Mission - Need Your Help

NOTE: Special Thanks to Christopher for letting me know that this used to be called "Andy's".

There's a specific memory from childhood that is as clear as day.

When my sister and I were - oh around - 11-12 years old, we would ride our bikes down Kyle Road...turn left to Sandpoint Road...curve around (nodding to Mason Drive which was on our right - and where our second cousins - Rex/Rita/Robbie/Jenny used to live)....

We continued on Sandpoint Road - passing another side street or two (or three) and on our right, was a - well - a "mom and pop" place - almost like a gas station grocery store, but I think it only had one pump and I don't remember the name of the place.

So here's where I need your help.

What was the name of this place?
Who owned it?
Does anyone have a picture of it?
I'm assuming it is no longer there - but can someone verify that?


So why did we travel such long distance (it was about 3 miles round trip)?

Because - this place had grab bags - the coolest, ultimate, greatest grab bags which contained candy in them. The bags were an ordinary brown kind, filled with penny candy, and stapled. It was great - you never knew what you'd get!

I believe you could could choose from ten cent, fifteen cent, or twenty-five cent bags.

Sometimes, in the 25 cent bag, you might even be rewarded with a dime! And that meant - you could buy another bag.

Seems kind of anti-climactic, eh? Not for us it wasn't. And get this! There wasn't any chocolate either. It was all hard candy and gum.

I can't remember everything in the bags however, this slide show takes you through some of the goodies...


Tom Wolf said...

Great blog, thanks for bringing back the memories. I grew up on Genessee just off Sandpoint road. The name of the place as I knew it was Andy's. Not sure if that was the full name or not. I believe the owners full name was Andy Hoevel but I could be wrong. He passed away several years back and the business was closed prior to that. The building is still there but the pumps (Texaco) are long gone and the building has since been changed back into a residence. I'll see if I can get some pics next time I'm visiting my mom and send them to you.

Bobby G. said...

I love all those wonderful candies in the slide show.
KINGS candy ciggies (had a 2 pack a day habit myself).
I moved up to the CHOCOLATE ones (w/ the gold & white paper wrapper to make them look more real) by the time I was in 4th grade!
I never did take to those marshmallow (?) orange "peanuts".

Grab bags!
Whatta treat in those days.
You paid 25 CENTS for them? Wow, in my day, we only shelled out one thick nickel.
But the "toys" were the good part in them.

Great post!
(kept me smiling all day)