Sunday, March 9, 2008

File This Under - Four Days Later - STILL Ticked Off

Back in December, when I decided to start this blog, and I found myself spending oodles of time surfing the web - that's what I came across the web site for the Indiana Historical Society.

Indiana's Storyteller Connecting People to the Past

After reading a tagline like this - how could a person resist signing up for a yearly membership?

Well, I couldn't and so I did.

By the way - you can find them here - and membership is relatively inexpensive ($40 for individual).

One of the neat things about membership is that you can opt to receive some of their publications. For example - Traces (of Indiana and Midwestern History) - an "award winning" history magazine published quarterly by IHS.

It came in the mail today.

On the cover - Indiana's Lincoln - and on the inside, a 15 page story about Lincoln and his roots in Indiana. Written by Ray E. Boomhower, it is a most excellent article - which includes drawings and photographs and maps - related to Abe Lincoln.

And of course reading through this - how could I not remember the press release that tops ALL press releases - the motherload - Lincoln Financial Foundation to Make Its Lincoln Museum Collection More Accessible and Visible

Yes folks. Four days later, I'm still ticked off (or as I like to call it - I'm still experiencing cognitive dissonance). Just goes to show that I feel strongly about a company that used to represent integrity and at least the 80/20 rule of honesty.

I'm waiting for the next press release to say, "Lincoln Financial to Make Jobs More Accessible and Visible". You know what it will say - hidden within multiple paragraphs?

The Lincoln Financial Group embodies the principles of Abraham Lincoln who once said, "I am for those means which will give the greatest good to the greatest number." By collaborating with other cities, the Lincoln Financial Group hopes to make jobs available to a greater number of people using Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial as a catalyst.

The Lincoln Financial Group is proactively pursuing a solution that benefits itself - exposing these opportunities to the largest possible audience (i.e. those on the East and West Coasts who will wine, dine and refine us.)

Through invitation, the Lincoln Financial Group will host a national informational session with potential partners in late March to provide an understanding of "possibilities" and "needs" and, in turn, discuss options for increasing visibility. In other words - you must come with at least one, highly visible pro and/or college athletic building which will bear our name.

The Lincoln Financial Group has operated in Fort Wayne, Ind., for many years, however, after giving our best possible CEO - Ian Rolland - the shaft - we high-tailed much of our operations to Philadelphia and over time, we intend to re-write history to show that this company actually originated in PA - and not in IN - as it currently reads today. As a result of this new strategic direction, The Lincoln Financial Group will eliminate as many jobs as they want - but only at the Fort Wayne location - whenever we want - but hopefully by June 30 so that we can close our books "appropriately".

End Note - Posted on the Journal Gazette website is an excellent editorial by Harold Holzer.