Friday, February 26, 2010

Ice Skating at Reservoir Park

Ice Skating at Reservoir Park (1912)

Photo Credit: IPFW ContentDM

I looked far and wide for a picture of the Reservoir Park Ice Skating Pond - the one that *I knew* and experienced however, I didn't have any pictures in my own collection and a web search yielded very few results.

I picked this picture (yes, even though it is from almost 100 years ago) because it comes close to how I remember the place that my mother used to take me and my sister skating to. I remember the "big hill" (which is what I called it), the crowds of people (young and not so young), and the odd shape of the ice pond. I even had my own pair of ice skates! No rentals for me!

I've never talked to my mom about Reservoir Park - if she went there often as a child - but I got the distinct feeling that she had been there a lot. She was very comfortable with where everything was and when we first stepped out on the ice (one hand each in her hands), I felt like I was with a pro.

She glided across the pond with ease. Me - not so much. I fell. Lots of times. She would tell me - Kris, you need to bend your knees a little bit. Don't stand so stiff. It's advice my husband STILL repeats today and advice that my body still ignores (thus the number of times I still manage to land on my butt - not while ice skating but while navigating the ice outdoors). By the way - my sister Patty was a pro also. She's always been WAY more coordinated than me. Ice skating, gymnastics, cheerleading. Yep. She inherited my mom's coordination gene.

When I think about Reservoir Park and ice skating with my mom and sister, I am reminded of something that I purposely ignored in my teen years (and later in my adult life).

My mom - who had me when she was seventeen - no high school diploma - second child within 11 months of me - married to a man who didn't have a high school diploma and many times - not even employed - worked at KMart and at other places...well...she really did a lot for me and my sister. She made sure that we experienced Fort Wayne - probably - in all of the ways that she had. But of course she was working with a budget of practically ZERO.

And for that, I am grateful. Even if I forget to tell her :).


ida said...

THAT was the coolest post ever on the web. thank you for sharing. your mom showed you alot on a no string budget. :)

Bob G. said...

Makes one wish that area was STILL such a place where folks could go to have so much fun (as you and mom once did)...

Nice post.

Karen said...
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Karen in Iowa said...

Kristina, we skated at Swinney Park when they still had a warming house and lights so many years ago. I agree with you - it was possible to have great experiences with a zero budget. Your mother sounds so much like mine - I wonder if they knew the impact these small things would make in our lives. I have to wonder what my kids will reminisce about in the future. I hope I do as good a job as our mothers! Thanks for your posts - I enjoy them immensely!

PMX said...

My lifelong girlfriend and I still go to the Rez once a year to climb the hill. We go on fishing derby day, which is the first Saturday in June (when the park to packed and we feel safe). It is great to see so much life at the Rez around that time. You will see people at all hours of the day and night trying to catch fish. My big complaint about climbing the hill is that no one keeps up with the weeds. I remember as a kid that someone either mowed the hill or there was enough traffic up and down to keep the weeds under control. Anyway, the view is still amazing.

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