Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fort Wayne Box Company

My Grandpa was the kind of guy who worked multiple jobs. He was a responsible man and did whatever he could to support his family.

One of the jobs he had was working for the Fort Wayne Box Company. In fact, it's the place where my grandparents first met each other.

Fort Wayne Box Company Invoice

I absolutely adore this invoice - mostly because it has a drawing of the actual building in the left hand corner.

I thought the detailing of the building was magnificent and I said to myself - ain't no way...given Fort Wayne's history of tearing down things that exist in the downtown area - ain't no way - this building still exists.

But guess what? I was wrong.

From Google Earth Maps

16 W Superior St - Google Maps_1262060287444


Nick said...

Not sure, but this may be the building that houses a prominent Advertising Agency now - Boyden & Youngblutt.

BrdRvr said...

Northwest corner of Calhoun and Superior. I believe the building belongs to the old Container Corp./
Smurfit Stone/don't know the present owner's name. Anyway the company is closing it's Ft. Wayne operations some time this year.

Kristina said...

Oh no!!! I wonder what is going to happen to the building???

ida said...

i would think they would make a building like that into condo's or apartments. seems to be the in thing to do nowdays. i love the old invoices in the past becouse you could smell the carbin on them. to me that was just a cool smell.

jguy10283 said...

@BrdRvr--- I went past this building today, and I was sad to see it boarded up... They used some kind of metal though, so it may just be to keep intruders out till the building is occupied again... we will just have to see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I worked all over that building (maint) in the 90's (Container Corp). Wooden floors and massive wooden columns. Newer brick/concrete west part of that building built afterwards.

I was lucky enough to work with a man Fred Wyss that had worked there for over 50yrs before retiring. Told many stories of that place and ft wayne.