Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Rivers Festival Souvenir Program

I don't know why it takes me so long to write stuff on my blog. I have millions of stories to tell - maybe I'm just suffering from writer's block!

Anyway, I thought that a good way to clean out the cobwebs would be to upload the Souvenir Program from the 1970 Three Rivers Festival. It is the first one I have memories of attending.

My entire family - mom, grandparents, aunts - all loved this festival.

There were some events we always went to (i.e.the raft race, the parade, the fun rides, music on the landing/at Freimann Square, the FOOD, the children's zoo events, boat rides, bed race, flea market).

There were some events where I only remember them happening once - or - us attending them once (i.e. boat race, bicycle race, great train robbery).

When I was seven, I marched in my first TRF parade - as a PAL-ette (Police Athletic League baton twirler). The route was VERY different from the one today. I'm not sure when it changed but at one time, we marched on Broadway, past G.E. and the park.

Even after my parents split up and we moved out of the area, we still returned for the festival. As an adult (when I lived in Fort Wayne and worked at Lincoln Life), I became a little disenchanted with it. It seemed to go from a community-type event to an ADHD type of event. What I mean by that is that the focus seemed to be OUT of focus. Some of the core events were chucked. Many events were scattered around the city so it was difficult to plan your day. It used to be that we parked and walked (when I was a kid). As an adult, I still parked and walked, but I had to drive, park (pay), walk, drive, park (pay), walk - on and on...

It's been about five years since I attended my last TRF. Although the elephant ears are always calling to me, it hasn't been enough to get me back to town.

Maybe someday.

As an aside - all of the pages of the program are located on my flickr account. I think you'll be VERY surprised at what you come across. From the events to the advertisers - wow - this is some walk down memory lane!!!


ida said...

that was interesting. i never got the program becouse that was the "rich" kids thing as my parents would have said. lol but, i loved the 3 rivers fest. i loved it. i think they changed the parage route downtown back in the late 70's early 80's that was one of the first times i ever attened a parade. i remember it well. they had some bleachers set up for the people that paid and i was thinking who the heck would pay for a parade. now days here in indy it common place. i miss the days of the truely free parades. and 3 rivers is all i know of those times. we would go under the bridge to the flea market and get the homemade barbie clothing for my dolls. it was cheeper and i was embarrassed. but, i loved it anyways. mom would look for antiques. dad would look for food or a place to sit. then he would follow me around to the different side streets and we would walk threw some of the historic brick streets. or go to the "new" square where gen. anthony was on his horse. first time i saw african culture. first time i wanted to get out of indiana and see the world. it was fun. watching the fireworks downtown or at my sisters. thanks for the smile and the memory. i havent seen a 3 rivers fest since i left in 86. so my last offical fest was 85.

Kristina said...

Hi Ida,

The program I scanned in wasn't actually mine :). Although I do think that my grandparents probably purchased one every year. My grandpa was all about looking through the schedule with a fine tooth comb.

Oh my gosh! I totally remember the flea markets under the bridge and the homemade barbie clothes. I had more of those than my own ;).