Monday, June 1, 2009

The Allen County Public Library

My Library Card

Look familiar?

I couldn't believe that I still had this. It was tucked away in a very old book that had stayed in my grandparents house when my mom moved us to Kentucky. Good thing too. This little piece of barely-stiff paper (otherwise known as an Allen County Public Library card) would have never survived a fire.

Looking at this card (yes - even if it is a "Dup.") brings back lots of memories for me.

Even though we lived in Waynedale - we spent a great deal of time downtown at "the" library. While my mom spent hours and hours in the basement (or wherever it was), researching our family tree, I would lose track of time, sitting in between the aisles and aisles of books and shelves. It was my own personal "think" ground. I'd go off in search of a book (maybe the latest Judy Blume?) and end up with that and then a dozen others that were completely unrelated.

Can you believe that fines were only 5 cents? Or that you could check out eight items at a time? Seems forever ago, doesn't it?

More to come on one of my favorite, childhood memories - the Allen County Public Library - tomorrow. Wanted to kick-start myself - get back here to writing on a more frequent basis. Don't worry - the memories didn't dry up...I just got a bit distracted with life...


alphawoman said...

WhenI loved in FW I loved the downtown branch. I was there the week end they dedicated/opened the new library. It's very cool and all that, but I loved the old library!

ida glaser said...

well i started in riding my bike to the waynedale libery. the ladies in there worried and fritted about me always being alone. i spent hours in the childerns area. (they made me hang in there. it was for my own good) judy blume was the bomb. sigh. then i out grew waynedale for research and i begged my dad to take me downtown. well, they also fretted over me there too. my dad never came in. he would sit outside waiting on me. i would use the electric typewriters. listen to 45s and albums of the beatles. go to the "teen" area and read all the teenage girl magizens, sit on the bean bags and make new friends. it was colorful and wonderful. sigh. i loved that place it was my second home.

by the way i was worried about you and i am glad you are back. you always bring a smile to my face in what you post.