Friday, February 13, 2009


Photo Credit:
Life Magazine, September 1967

Caption - "Lost child being traced in supermarket by store wide public address system."

So...when I last spoke to Mr. John Elliott (spokesman for Kroger), I had requested to take pictures of some special places within the store before it closed. He said that he was fine with my request and that I should contact the store manager to arrange a time that would be least disruptive to employees.

Although I've been very upset about the closing of the store, I have been looking forward to being allowed in to take photos of all of those hidden places (gems) that we employees were aware of that maybe shoppers either didn't know about or didn't have access to.

I took the day off of work today (vacation day) and placed a call to the Scott's Decatur Road Store manager this morning. After speaking with Dave, he said that he needed to run this by his management and that he would return my call.

About an hour later, John Elliott returned the call. It went to voice mail because I was on another line. He stated that my request was being turned down for two reasons.

First, because my presence would be a disruption to current employees. Second, it was his understanding that without prior authorization, I had already been inside the store taking pictures.

When I returned his phone call - it went to voice mail. I explained that I had followed his instructions to me - to the letter of the law - and that I hadn't been to Fort Wayne or Scott's Decatur Road and I had not taken any pictures. I do have pictures that were sent to me by readers of this blog however, they weren't necessarily the shots I was intending to take myself. I did not request for them to take pictures and frankly, I would have never posted them if I thought that this would invalidate the agreement.

It has been three hours, and I still have not heard back from him. I'm assuming my opportunity is lost and to say that I am upset - well - it's an understatement.

5:00 P.M. Update - John Elliott returned my phone call and said that the store's management was not comfortable with me because according to them, I had made an appearance at the store a few week's ago and while I was there, they confronted me.

It's just too bad it never happened. I haven't been to Fort Wayne since sometime in 2008.

Not sure why someone would feel the need to impersonate me and not sure why the store management is being a bunch of jerks.

Goodbye Scott's. It was nice knowing you.


Bob G. said...

I was at Scotts a few Saturdays ago, and not one person stopped me from taking the two pictures I did.
And I didn't use a flash to draw attention, either.

One employee said "Go's not going to be here much longer".

As to the employees being disrupted?
...that's a crock of "you-know-what"!
One male employess there ALWAYS chatted with me about things...that's one reason I LIKED the store...friendly (and helpful) staff!

There weren't many employees IN the damn store the day I was there.

THAT was part of the problem in recent months...lack of staffing.
The "oldtime regulars" were there, but that was basically it.

ASs to me trying to impersonate you...NAH...I think someone would have figured something out if I had said my name was KRISTINA...especially my WIFE (who was with me that day)...LOL.

More smoke and mirrors...from the city leaders that brought you Fort Wayne's marvelous SLUM district aka the SOUTH side.

Thanks's been REAL...and it's been FUN.
But it sure as hell ain't been REAL FUN!

Hey, maybe we can turn that SCOTTS into a...(wait for it)...A CASINO!!!
There 'ya go, Mr. Mayor.
Just what YOU wanted (and the last thing we NEED down here).
A lose-lose all around.

Bob G.

Candide said...

I'm sorry to hear about this rejection. If the manager's main concern is disrupting the employees, then perhaps it could be arranged to take a peek after it closes?

Anonymous said...

I've been to Scott's with a camera twice in the last couple weeks and taken a handful of pics from the parking lot as well as inside the store. I carried my camera in plain site and also took my shots with no flash as to not cause any disruption. Neither customers nor the staff or management ever confronted me about my admittedly unusual behavior. I suppose the employees there might be feeling a bit stressed out about the store's closing, but maybe the pressure is just starting to get to them on these last few days.

A true Ft Wayne landmark for over 50 years, soon to be gone with little or no fanfare I'm afraid. Too bad it's not a W*lM*rt store closing down.


ida glaser said...

i havent been to fort wayne since 2007 or 2006 its been way too long. so this middle age women isnt impersenating anyone.
and causing a disruption. that is a croc of bs they are selling you. i just cant fathom it. almost sounds like the type of attitude from where i work at.

keep blogging. i enjoy your blog

ida glaser

Sheila said...

This doesn't really surprise me in as it is now owned by Krogers. I was sad when Krogers bought Scotts because most of the Krogers employees I had dealings with were rude and less than helpful but Scotts were always friendly and helpful, but I figured as soon as soon as Krogers got their hands on them that helpful attitude would go right out the door. Looks like I'm right. Wonder what they are hiding in there? Gold?