Friday, January 23, 2009

No Response Yet From Fort Wayne Leaders - Re: Scott's Decatur Road

Photo Courtesy of Clay Blackburn

(I like this particular view of the cornucopia because it shows the "bones" of the structure. Although the external appearance has been changed, the bones of the structure are from the original store built in 1956.)

Just wanted to let folks know that I wrote to Councilman Glynn Hines, Southeast neighborhood association leader Bill Crowley, and the City of Fort Wayne's Southeast Area Advocate - Chreise Dixie. No response back yet from any of them.

Maybe today!

In case you missed it, the News-Sentinel wrote up a nice blurb on our concerns.

Also, SuperValu purchased Scott's (originally - before Kroger's) and they were the ones responsible for altering the original sign. If anyone has any contacts at SuperValu they can forward to me so that I can talk to them - that would be awesome. Or - I think Rick Bender? used to be the store manager there for several years....his contact info would be great also!


Bob G. said...

That IS a very nice picture...

I'd be surprised if EITHER Hines or Dixie returned ANY messages.
They've never done so with ME in the much for caring about "the people".
Ditto for Pape!

As far as SuperValu goes, they don't have a say in the Kroger acquisition from what I've read), co getting them on board might be a dead end.

Regarding Rick bender (former store manager and head of the S/E businessmens' association)...I know he got a position out of town (he talked about the longer drive)...was a better opportunity at a larger venue, but I don't have ANY clue as to what city or store...sorry.

Maybe the FWSEBA has a website?

Just a guess at this point.


PMX said...

Try getting in touch with the South Side Business Group. I think a woman named Marge Wulliman is the current president. She may know Rick Bender's whereabouts, since he was their former president.

Bill Hosler said...

Rick Bender is now the General manager of the Walmart Super Store where southtown used to be. I seen him there recently.

BrdRvr said...

Would you happen to have a picture of the original cornucopia? Eaveys was the first childhood memory of a supermarket for me. Inside of the front door they had a place called the Kiddie Korral. It had a few child scaled western type tables and chairs surrounded by some timber railings. They would have a few torn up comic books. After climbing on the railings for 5 minutes it was time to go through the store to find mom and dad. Eaveys was the place where I saw my first live lobster. It was the place where I got my first coconut. I remember back at the meat counter they had miniature cow heads of the various types of beef. My mom still has a glass bowl that my grandma (who would lived with us during the winter- very harsh winters in S.W. Pa.) bought her. Grandma Saylor had never seen anything like Eaveys. She said it was like she had died and gone to heaven. Things were so simple back then.

Bob G. said...

You might want to read my post for Saturday...all about our "Excellent Adventure" to Scotts...

Didnt know that.
I might toss caution to the wind, and stop by to say "hi" to Rick.


Anonymous said...

I too remember the Kiddie Korral. I was only 4 or 5 but my mom was comfortable leaving me there for 1/2 hour while she shopped. Does anyone remember the machine that made cashew butter? Ummmm what a great memory.
Donna Quandt