Monday, December 29, 2008

My Old Friend Returns - 26 Years Later

Much of my childhood in the early 70's was spent walking on the sidewalks of downtown Fort Wayne. I can close my eyes and see it all - smell it all too!

G.C. Murphy's (and the donuts)

Lincoln Bank (and the church-like ceilings)

B&B Loans (and the guitars and other instruments in the windows)

Riegels (and the smell of tobacco)

And then - there was the clock that hung off of the Peoples Trust Bank building.

It was located in a sweet place - near the corner of Wayne and Calhoun. It was across the street from Murphy's and directly next to a building that used to be called Grand Leader (and I think later - Stillman's Department Store).

The clock was really cool because it had four sides of glass and was enclosed by an impressive brass-looking shell. It was affixed to the building and as I walked under it, I always imagined that one day, it might fall down and hit me on the head.

Never anyone else - just me :). I was such the drama queen - even then.

In 1982, Fort Wayne, in its many we-must-tear-down-every-decent-building-in-sight adventures, rid itself of the Peoples Trust Bank building HOWEVER - someone had some forethought to store the clock away.

I'd like to hug that person. Seriously.

Because now, in all of its glory, it has returned (according to the Downtown Times) and is now located outside the Baker Street Train Station.


Here are some pictures of the clock's past lives that I scooped up from my favorite place - CONTENTdm (ACPL).

Murphy's, Grand Leader, People's Trust
The Clock
People's Trust Bank
This was just a painting of the clock on the side of the Peoples Trust Bank Building...


ida said...

i used to love that bread factory in downtown fort wayne. i would pray that i would get to live near one when i grew up. well i got what i wanted her in indianapolis. :) thanks for the memories. oh, remember blue mountian coffee shop?

tysdaddy said...

B&B Loans? I bought many a used DVD there, back in the day . . .