Monday, June 2, 2008

18 Years, 1 Son, 5 Guinea Pigs, and 2 Goldfish Later....

18 years ago today, I woke up at my apartment (Shoaff Park Villas), underwent major hair construction (my hair was half-way down my back - it was all twisted and pinned up - thanks to Bobbi, my stylist), threw on a bitchin' pink wedding dress, and went to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to meet up with the man I would marry (Mr. Michael Todd Henry).

Okay, the dress - I waited to put on until I got there.

In a roomful of hundreds of people, with Monsignor Lester officiating , I promised to stick it out with this other human being for as long as we both so lived.

And so far - so good.

That picture up there was from our reception - held at the one and only Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.

I'm pretty sure our freak friend - Daron (and best man)- stood in front of us with a camera and insisted we suck face for a picture or he wouldn't go away (thus - this picture you see).

P.S. We only have three guinea pigs now. The other two died over time. The gold fish also met their maker. The dog is new - and lives (or should I say - runs our household). My son Ethan is 13 and I'm positive that he re-defines what parenthood is all about :).


Derwood said...

I don't believe I had a camera that day.



Kevin Whaley said...

Congratulations Kristina!

Joe said...

Kristina -

Congratulations and thanks for sharing such a precious memory/entry with us!

Association President said...

Yes, many congrats!! I love seeing people make the commitment - especially when we are "too young" - and stick with it!!