Sunday, December 30, 2007


taps microphone Is this thing on?

My name is Kristina Frazier-Henry and I used to be a resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I now live in a suburb of Indianapolis and my trips back to the Fort aren't as frequent as they could be.

I had some time off over the holidays and while surfing the net, I came across several older photographs of Fort Wayne (hereinto known as FW cause it's shorter to type). Looking at these photographs reminded me of my childhood and I had this uncontrollable urge to start writing about things.

And so that's why I'm here at the moment. One photograph at a time, I'm going to reflect back on a specific memory. I don't plan on going in any certain order.

Things will just be random.

Sort of like I am in my everyday life.

I guess you can say - document it for all those grandchildren my son will never give me Side note: He is just 13 - there is no hurry!!!

I anticipate that a total of ZERO folks will read this - which almost comforts me to some extent. That will give me the freedom to write with an open heart and open mind. There's much that lingers underneathe this skin of mine. Time to unleash some laughter and once in awhile - some tears.

Gosh! It's like therapy - at a rock bottom price.


Bobby G. said...

It is therapy...
And the "side effects" are practically non-existent.


(consider me a reader here)

Alex Murray said...

Count me in as a reader too, this is a good idea for a blog. I wish I could help you out with the Holiday theatre pics; I remember taking advantage of a stage they had in front of one of the screens when I was about five years old, holding up a showing of "Dennis the Menace" in the process.

Good luck with the blog, Kristina; at the rate things keep going away in FW, we could all use a refresher.

Kristina said...

Well Hi Bobby G. and Alex Murray! I thought I'd just be blowin' in the wind - here all by myself.

Stay tuned for embarassing moments. I've had so many in my life.

I'm like the walking spokesperson.

by DAVID SPEAKMAN - said...

Welcome to the blogosphere (again)!

For me, the secret to maintaining a blog is to write a bunch of stuff ahead of time when the mood strike and you have the time - and then release it over s period of days if it isn't urgent news.

I have new stuff auto posting daily to my blog until January 21. I just add more every weekend or so.

This maintains a constant flow between your major essays so you don't have gaps for weeks or months.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your future posts.

Welcome to the Fort Wayne blogosphere.